Turning Capabilities

Our Multi-task turning centers equipped with Y-Axis, Sub-Spindles, and Live tooling complete complex parts in one setup, eliminating the need for multiple operations, therefore saving time and cutting cost.

High Volume Production

Fully automated, bar fed lathes with automatic tool check and remote monitoring allow us to run unattended 24 hour production for fast turnaround times on high volume orders. Send your drawings and allow us to prepare a quote for your turning needs!

How does this benefit you?

Complex parts completed in one operation ensure quality and precision.

Milling and drilling can be done during the turning cycle with the use of Y-axis, and live tooling.

High volume production is achieved with bar feeders, automatic tool breakage detection, and remote monitoring to keep the machine running unmanned.

Rigid turning centers and the latest cutting tool technology maintain tight tolerances and superior surface finishes.