Precision Parts Require Precision Inspection

Quality control is our number one priority. We’ve invested in the most advanced CMM equipment to make sure your parts are accurate and in tolerance. With names like Zeiss, Brown & Sharpe, and Starrett in our QC Lab, you can feel confident our quality control is of the highest degree.

Contract Inspection Services

Not only do we inspect our own products. We offer contract inspection services for companies that need help with their inspection capabilities. Simply send us your parts along with a drawing and we will provide professional inspection results with your company name and information.

How BMI's Inspection Services Benefit You

Our Zeiss CMM is capable of inspecting the most complex parts with uncompromising quality assurance.

A shop floor CMM allows our staff to quickly and accurately inspect critical dimensions throughout the machining process.

A climate and humidity controlled QC lab ensures inspection consistency by eliminating thermal expansion and standardizing our quality program.