Beistel Machining is a family owned and operated full service machine shop offering a wide range of services to our customers. Consisting of a highly trained staff, with over 30 years of experience, we are capable of providing high quality machined parts to a variety of industries.
As a family owned company, we offer a more personal experience with the utmost respect to our customers, earning us a commendable reputation for customer service and quality.  Our dedication to quality and service has enabled us to evolve and grow with our customers.  We remain dedicated to meeting and exceeding customer requirements.

Beistel Machining was founded by Brent Beistel in a small garage in Belle Vernon, PA with only one manual machine.  At an early age, Brent took interest in his fathers trade - machining.  Following in his fathers footsteps Brent went on to become a machinist, learning everything his father could teach him and supplementing that knowledge with formal college training.  While working at a local machine shop, Brent further expanded his skills and knowledge in the trade while continuing to expand Beistel Machining capabilities and customer base.  
With dedication and hard work, Beistel Machining has relocated from the small garage and into a 14,000 sq. foot building with employees and state of the art machine tools.